Leases are concluded for a period of one year with tacit renewal (with the exception of Mireio residence where the rental period is 1 month with tacit renewal). So, as long as the contract is not terminated, it continues to have effect.

A lessee who fails to pay his rent will first receive a reminder and a warning and then a notice by registered mail with acknowledgment. If the rent is still not paid, the case is forwarded to the legal department. A judicial procedure is then open which can go up to termination of the lease. In all cases, proceedings are instituted.

The main charge is the rent while the additional fee corresponds to the common expenses and services (furniture, lift, concierge ...).

The main fee is the basis for the calculation of APL (personalized housing aid).

The rent is prorated to the number of days calculated on the basis of start and end dates of the lease. The notion of occupancy does not influence the calculation.

Yes. As the contract is not terminated, the rent must be paid.

If the contract was terminated, a new folder must be established for the following school year in accordance with standard procedure.

A different rate is fixed for longer stays and for short stays.

Rent increases are calculated on July 1st of each year. Rents will not increase beyond that date.

The rent is paid by direct debit, check, credit card, money order or transfer.

Cash payment is not accepted.


Yes. But if there would be only one guarantor, the latter shall be guarantor for all roommates.

Yes. Some apartments in some residences are suitable for roommate.

All roommates must figure on the lease and sign it.

The roommate who wants to leave must give notice respecting a period of one month. If he is replaced, an amendment to the lease must be signed by all roommates.

Each roommate must make a request for help within his CAF. The rent to be considered is the main rent divided by the total number of roommate.

In case of rental repairs, the amount will be charged equally to each lessee. The amount of repair is fixed, as appropriate, by the scale set out in the Annex to the folder or by quote from a professional.

Guarantee deposit

The guarantee deposit is used to secure payment of sums due by the lessee at the time of his departure as rents or rent repairs.

Yes. The guarantee deposit is cashed from the start of the lease.

It is returned within two months after the end of the lease if there are rent repairs.


The housing tax is payable as soon as the lessee occupies the premises on January 1st of the year. As an exception, housing tax is not mandatory for lessees for some residences (residence Mireio, Marengo and Perrin Solliers) due to their own characteristics.

The inventory

The manager and the lessee establish jointly and amicably the inventory on the day of the entry into the housing and the day of the exit.

The inventory is a statement that describes the precise state of the leased residential property at the entrance and exit of the lessee. It is signed by the lessee and the lessor.


The housings of “Habitat Pluriel” residences are eligible for two types of aid: personalized housing aid (APL) and the Social Housing Allowance (ALS).

The aid file must be created and sent as soon as possible to CAF. Indeed, the entitlement has its starting point the month of receipt of the request. There is no retroactivity of rights.

APL: It is assigned to housing under agreement (Les Calades de Sophia, Mireio, Puget, Chateau Gombert, Le Hameau).

When the rights of the lessee are open, APL is paid monthly directly to “Habitat Pluriel” deduced that the amount of rent payable by the lessee.

- ALS: It is assigned to non-contracted housings (Marengo, Perrin Solliers).

It is paid directly to the lessee.

Residences “Château Gombert, les Calades de Sophia Mireio, Puget and Le Hameau are eligible for APL, because they are under agreement. Marengo and Perrin Solliers residences are eligible for ALS.

You have to be French student or have a residence permit valid in order to make a request for aid from the family allowance fund.

The housing must be the principal residence of the lessee.

The amount of aids depends on the declared resources and the amount of housing rent (excluding charges).

The duties take effect the 1st day of the month following the entry into the housing. (Except Mireio)

For more information, contact the manager of the residence or do a simulation on the

The formalities must be completed online, via the CAF website http://www.caf.aides-et-services/les-services-en-ligne/acceder-a-une-demande-en-ligne.

The rent certificate must be signed by the responsible of the residence and returned to the nearest CAF.

The LOCAPASS files (rent guarantee and advance to finance the guarantee deposit) may be requested for all residences of “Habitat Pluriel” under agreement (residences Château Gombert, Les Calades de Sophia, Mireio, Puget and Le Hameau).

Within the group UNICIL (to which “Habitat Pluriel” belongs), the Mediterranean CIL can finance these LOCAPASS aids. The residences responsibles of “Habitat Pluriel” help for mounting the LOCAPASS aid files and put in relation the applicants with a privileged interlocutor in order that the file be given priority treatment.

The housing insurance

At the entrance to the premises, if the insurance certificate can be provided by the lessee, the responsible will not allow him to take possession of the housing.

The insurance certificate is also required in case of renewal of the lease.

The lessee is responsible towards “Habitat Pluriel” for all damage to housing and furniture, and even if their cause is unknown.

The lease may be terminated as of right in case if failing to give insurance by the lessee during the rental period. The termination will take effect one month after an unsuccessful order.

Yes. Housing insurance or insurance for rental risks is required to be eligible for access to housing. It is given at the latest at the time of key handover. The insurance must cover the rental period.

The rental contract

Leases are for duration of one (01) year, renewable by tacit renewal. (With the exception of Mireio residence: lease for a period of one month, renewable by tacit renewal).

The lease may be terminated by the lessee at any time, with notice of one month by sending a registered letter to the headquarters of “Habitat Pluriel”.

Foreign students

To obtain a booking certificate, the booking must be effective and validated at the headquarters of “Habitat Pluriel” by the receipt of € 150 as application fee and by the receipt of all the documents.

The RIB can be provided after entry into the premises. The booking is validated by the receipt of the application fee and receipt of all other documents. A confirmation mail is sent to the lessee.

The guarantor is compulsorily resident in France.

The files without guarantor are subject to validation by the responsible of the residence.

Visit the residence

The residence and the housing can be visited. It must make an appointment with the responsible of the residence to arrange a time slot.


The lease is signed by both parties (lessee and lessor) at the latest on the day of entry into the housing.

A lease is a contract whereby a lessor conveys the enjoyment of housing for a time and at a specified price. Some leases are subject to special conditions.


A water package is included in the charges for residences: Les Calades de Sophia, Le Hameau, Mireio, Marengo and Perrin Solliers. There is no additional billing.

For residences: Château Gombert and Puget, the water consumption upper the fee fixed in the lease leads to additional billing according to the scales indicated on the contract.

Electricity is included in the charges for residences: Les Calades de Sophia, Le Hameau, Mireio, Marengo and Perrin Solliers. There is no additional billing.

For residences: Château Gombert and Puget: electricity consumption is charged according to actual consumption recorded every month.


It is appropriate to make contact with the responsible of the said residence.

The rental file is downloaded from the website. The booking will be approved by the responsible of the residence after verification of the file (all administrative documents, payment of application fees ...)

“Habitat Pluriel” residences can accommodate students but also young workers, trainees, researchers....

Some residences are also open to employees or corporate mobility training. It is appropriate to contact the responsible of the residence for more information.

The booking

A housing booking can be canceled at any time by the lessee. The application fees are not reimbursed.

Reimbursement of application fees after canceling a booking is only possible in case of exam failure or refusal of admission in the referred school (must provide proof).

The booking of housing is via the website of “Habitat Pluriel”.

After choosing the housing to be booked using the search tool, it is necessary to identify or create his personal account.

All pages fields of booking must be completed to send the payment of fees. This payment can be made directly online (credit card) or by check, transfer or money order.

A confirmation mail will be sent on receipt of payment. The booking becomes effective only when all required documents have been provided and validated by the administrative department.

Booking confirmation mail and rental agreement are then sent to the lessee.

You can change the type of housing subject to availability in the residence.

It is appropriate to contacted as soon as possible the residence responsible who will make transfer.

The application fee can be paid by bank transfer. The RIB will be provided by the responsible of the residence on request.


A registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt must be sent within a minimum period of one (01) month before the desired date of departure, at the following address: HABITAT PLURIEL-11 rue Armeny - CS30001 - 13826 Marseille Cedex 6.

The leases are established for one year with tacit renewal. They are terminable at any time with a notice period of one (01) month.

The rental file

The list of required documents can be downloaded from the website in the dedicated space. These documents are to be returned in the 15 days following the rental application.

If this period is exceeded or if the documents provided are not consistent: the rental application will not be considered and the booking becomes void. The application fee is not refunded.

If the parts are supplied on time and meet the rental application will be reviewed by the administrative departments. The booking becomes effective only after review and validation of documents and proofs by the administrative services. A confirmation mail is sent.

If the lessee does not meet the criteria rent in the residence, the demand for booking will be no further action and an informative mail will be sent. The file fees will be reimbursed.

The rent receipt

No. The assigned number of batch is sent by mail confirming the booking.